Web Browsers

We are specialized in development and integration of web browsers and web runtime solutions for embedded platforms. We offer expertise for Chromium, WebKit and Qt WebEngine.

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Embedded Systems

All our engineers do have a strong background in embedded systems development and are familiar with various platforms, toolchains and technologies. We focus on quality, reliability and efficiency for all our products and services.

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Cross Platform

We provide cross platform development expertise for all common desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. This in particular includes Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, embedded Linux, Android and iOS.

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The Team

Zeno Albisser

Zeno Albisser

Zeno is one of the co-founders and is also the CEO of Hemispherian. He is specialized in graphics performance and embedded system integration. Before founding Hemispherian, he was leading the Qt WebEngine team at The Qt Company. In this position he was responsible for the efforts of integrating the Chromium web platform into Qt and for the transition from WebKit to Chromium. He further implemented WebGL for the Qt port of WebKit2. In Nokia, Zeno was part of the WebKit team and the Qt Core team, working on support for Mac OS X and developing solutions for touch input and gesture recognition.

Zeno also has a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Oslo and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil / Switzerland.

Adam Robertson

Adam Robertson

Adam is a Biochemist and Chief of Synthetic Biology Operations of Hemispherian, he is leading a research group at Oslo University Hospital. He has an earned PhD in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and 15 years of experience as a biochemist.


Postal Address
Hemispherian AS
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Phone & E-Mail
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Cross Platform Development

Writing portable, reusable and maintainable Software

Development of software is often a rather big investment for a company. The cost of software maintenance however, is often forgotten or neglected. Designing software that is portable and reusable is crucial for a project to be future-proof and it gives you the maximum flexibility to adapt quickly to new requirements and needs.

Having worked with Qt and developed Qt for many years, we do have a lot of experience in building portable, modular, reusable and maintainable software. We are specialists in API-design and development of platform abstraction layers.

Whether you want to run your application on cellphones, desktop systems, embedded systems, tablets or industrial devices. We can help you to deploy your applications to more platforms and thereby to reach more users on more devices. We can design and develop solutions in a maximally portable way. This will significantly reduce your development and maintenance cost and allow your team to focus on the business logic.

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Embedded Systems

An Embedded System running Software by Hemispherian.

We can provide your project with our extensive experience of developing software for embedded systems. Our in-depth understanding of different technologies and architectures will help you to make the right choices and be more productive from the very beginning. We can develop complete embedded systems for you or just provide you with selected components. We can also do the platform adaptation and integration for your already existing components.

Our Skills and Expertise

We have a background of developing software for multiple different embedded stacks and embedded operating systems such as embedded Linux, embedded Android, QNX and Windows Embedded. We also do have experience with the development, maintenance and deployment of a complete, independent embedded software stacks. The expertise we can provide is a great match for customers in the Automotive, TV / STB and the Industry Automation market. We can offer various services tailored to your needs:

  • Requirements & Specification

We can help you to gather and understand the requirements for a software project. This will help you to make the right choices with regards to technologies, tools and processes and lead to a more robust and successful product or solution.

  • Design Review

Whenever you need an additional pair of eyes to review your software design or assess the feasibility of a project, we can help you with that. We can assess your design artifacts and project progress to make sure that the implementation fulfills the requirements, as it is being developed. Such reviews will help you to meet your own schedule and to get your product acccepted.

  • Software Development

Software is the central piece of technology in most electronic products. We can help you to develop your own software modules and software stacks, or we can develop the entire solution for you. We can help you with architecture, design and implementation of complex functionality or complete software systems.

  • Platform Integration and Adaptation

We provide the service of integrating new or existing software modules into an existing system or platform. We can also do adaptation of existing software, or port your application to a new platform or device for you.

  • Project Management

Our project managers have significant experience in leading and working with multi-national development teams, scattered across multiple sites, countries and timezones. All of our project managers have worked as engineers as well, and continue to do engineering tasks. Our goal is to keep the strings in hands tight, but cause minimal interference and management overhead, to make sure the engineers can focus on developing your product.

  • Case Studies

Evaluating the right software platforms, services and solutions for your needs is a task that requires a good overview of the technical solutions currently available. We are constantly in contact with the leading companies and projects in the software industry and we are happy to assist you with our knowledge and experience.

  • Software Development Training

When a development team starts a project with a new technology, this involves a significant amount of time to get used to the new tools, environment and common best practices. We provide customized training in Qt, C++, embedded and cross-platform development to make sure your team is up to speed in minimal

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A tailor made Web Browser for your device

A web browser built by Hemispherian.

Hemispherian’s strength is our engineers’ years of experience, working on several web browsers and web runtime projects for various different form factors, platforms and operating systems. If you need a web browser for a TV, a Set-Top Box, a Tablet, a Mobile Phone or any other device or form factor, we are the right company to talk to.

All of our engineers have been actively contributing to several web rendering engines or web platforms. In particular we have been working with and contributing to the WebKit project and to Chromium. Further our engineers have co-authored Qt WebEngine and have worked on many projects, integrating web browsers into third party embedded platforms and desktop systems.

Hiring us, provides your project with instant access to years of experience and some of the very best engineers in the industry.

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